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Born in India, Dr. Venkata Buddharaju moved to the America in 1992. Now this renowned doctor, known as Dr. Buddha to his patients, is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago, teaches medical students from UIC, Chicago Medical School, and also Internal Medicine resident trainees at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago. He directs the Sleep Disorders Center and Clinic at Thorek Memorial Hospital in Chicago, is a Section Chief of Pulmonary & Critical Care at AMITA Health Saints Mary, and Elizabeth Medical Center in Chicago where he teaches Internal Medicine and Family Practice Residents. He also works in ICU as an Intensivist, and is President of the medical staff at Kindred Chicago Lakeshore and Central hospitals.

Growth in technology has changed our world incredibly in a myriad of different ways, sometimes, although not always, for best. The author himself in India was brought up in a totally different world, where sleep patterns were dictated by nature (as they are for most creatures.) However, living in the United States created in itself automatic lifestyle changes, and in his late forties he discovered that he needed to review his lifestyle and make small changes in order to bring his home/work life back into balance. When making these changes he wanted to find natural and practical methods to improve his sleep, and enable him to live a happier and healthier life. It is these findings, and his years of working with patients from all walks of life, experiencing first-hand the health consequences the uptrend in sleep disorders have caused, that led to his decision to publish this, his first book, a easy to understand guide for both personal and professional use.

I just loved this Thomas Merton quote from the book “Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.” Why? Because this is the ethos the author goes by. He has, throughout this book emphasised that sleep is not a separate entity, but an essential part of our whole wellbeing, both mentally and physically. He begins with ‘Sleep Basics’ and clarifies the different types of sleep, and their functions. He then goes on to explain how the modern world is full of stress, worry, and responsibilities not just to ourselves and our loved ones, but also to the people we work for, and the environment we live in. These resulting pressures cause detrimental upsets to our sleeping patterns.

The author admits to not being keen on the use of medication for this problem, and so this books emphasis is on natural ways we can improve our life. He suggests seven simple, yet practical, natural methods to improve not only our sleep but our health and wellbeing, as he believes they are intrinsically linked. Depending on our particular reason for sleep deprivation, the author recommends solutions to our problem, from diet, lifestyle changes, meditation, music and exercise, there are options for everyone, and sometimes combinations, in this incredible self-help book.

In Summary: We only have one life, it is precious, and sleep is an essential component in it. Readers, I urge you to take advantage of the life and experiences of this knowledgeable expert in this field, and embrace this essential guide. Not only will it improve your sleep, but also you can utilize the information it contains and take stock of your own personal journey, evaluate what is important to you as an individual, and then using the tools given in this book, go forward with the rest of your life in a balanced and healthy way. Highly recommended! – Susan Keefe
Mark Boerboom
Better Than an Office Visit for Meds
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This tome is much less expensive than a visit to the doctor's office. If you give these common-sense ideas and advice a try, you will sleep well/better without medication. At least this is what I experienced. Thank you, Dr. Buddha.
Better sleep happy life
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Better sleep Happier life!!!! Very good book with real life experience. Touching most important activity of life-sleep Very well written, explains in simple term. Highly recommended!!!!
Gina K.
Informational, inspirational, and practical!
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This book is packed with insight that helped me to understand the importance of reprioritizing the routines that ultimately impact my life in the long-run. It's an easy and enjoyable read that combines both medical knowledge and life experiences. This book is a great reminder that we as humans can be empowered to embrace our best lives starting today. Highly recommended!
Joevy Ditchella
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This book is a life changer. A must read book. I recommend this to everyone especially for those who suffer from sleep problem like me.
Caryn Summerville
Calm and stress relief during our COVID times
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This was such an amazing book! It has truly helped me through the difficult COVID times, especially being a nurse. It has taught me ways to destress and gives information for overall peace and calm during these most difficult times! I highly recommend this book!!!
The better me
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This book changed my life.the picture are so calming .Having a desk job I didn’t know it could damage my this book gave me what I needed changes to look forward to.walking, climbing stairs,spending myself time. I get better sleep now
Great Read
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Excellent Insight into the world of sleep
Jacqueline Akintobi
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I could simply not put this book down.Very informative and good information to know.It has truly helped me changed my sleeping habits.Now I sleep better and feel more healthier.I highly recommend this book to everyone.
Naren Bhupatiraju
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Great read on a topic not heavily discussed in medicine. It serves as a reminder to not only professionals in medicine but also as an introduction to common people about the importance of sleep. Gives practical tips for people in medicine and other fields alike for getting the best sleep possible without the need for medications. Didn't contain too much medical jargon and if it did, it was explained in simple terms. Highly recommend it.
Aleks R
Must buy!
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This is a great read to remind us how important sleep is! I have already improved my sleep hygiene and am a much happier and more productive person! Consider giving this book as a gift to promote better health and happiness!
Venu Bhupatiraju
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This book explains the importance of Sleep and how lack of sleep causes many health conditions. Explains different sleep problems, causes and recommends natural remedies/techniques to overcome these problems. Gives many useful tips like managing stress, managing time and thereby improving sleep and health. Highly recommend this book to people from all walks of life.
poonam yadavv
Highly recommendable
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In my opinion it’s very important to understand how good sleep hygiene can change your life and impact it .. It is really interesting to know all these things, because believe it or nor , good sleep make you happier and this book is very helpful to answer all your questions and help to make you life better. Highly recommendable.
Dd 69
How important is sleep
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The book is very informative, and helpful for everyday living. We live under so much stress, that we dont sleep well. I plan to follow some of the recommendations for better sleep.
Bhadraraju Namburi
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Dr. Buddharaju summarized his vast experience treating sleep disorders into simple life style changes that would make profound improvements to ones sleep and happiness. A must read for not only people struggling with sleep issues but for everyone to reassess their sleep habits and lifestyle.