Better Sleep, Happier Life

Did you know that sleep is a key component of a happy life?

Research shows us it is. But with all of today’s technology and stresses, many people are getting less sleep or experiencing poorer quality sleep. This can negatively impact mood, concentration, productivity, physical health and, yes, even happiness.

As a practicing physician for more than twenty years, Dr. Venkata Buddharaju (known as Dr. Buddha to his patients) has extensive experience treating patients with sleep problems. And the number of patients he is seeing with sleep disorders is on the rise.

In Better Sleep, Happier Life, Dr. Buddharaju teaches seven simple, practical, and natural methods to help you get better sleep in order to refresh your mind and body. Filled with wisdom from his years of experience as well as simple lifestyle changes, Better Sleep, Happier Life can help you find rest and refreshment in the midst of your busy life… and reap the benefits.

Currently available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover (with full color images). Coming soon in audio.


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Dr. Buddha provides a much needed integration of science, patient experience, and common sense to guide both professionals and lay people in this underappreciated influence on our productivity, health and happiness.

Sean R. Muldoon, MD, MPH, MS, FCCP, FACPM

Chief Medical Officer, Kindred Healthcare Hospitals, USA, Fortune 500 Most Admirable Healthcare Company

Dr. Buddharaju, with his vast medical knowledge and patient interactions experience, has developed this excellent, must-read book to help everyone understand how to get an optimal sleep in order to live a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life.

Subba Raju Penmatcha, MSE,MSSM, MBA, PE

Military Construction, Army-Program Manager (Retired), Army Materiel Command, US Department of Defense

In his succinct, informative and holistic manifesto, Dr. Buddharaju reminds us that giving ourselves permission to master sleep is the highest impact, lowest cost, nearly effortless, totally non-invasive, and most enjoyable self-improvement step we humans can choose if we want to live a life of our dreams, both literally and figuratively. He synthesizes the latest research across all disciplines and provides readers with practical, actionable ideas to try for themselves, on demand, without a prescription or co-pay….Dr. Buddharaju helps us design a personal sleep strategy to win in the game of life

Michael F. Thomassen

Program Manager, Boston, MA

Dr. Buddharaju dissects the most complex sleep science in to simple practical strategies that can be put to use by anyone!
Murali Ankem, MD, MBA

Associate Dean School of Medicine, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Dr. Buddharaju’s thoughtful insights are an enjoyable read. He has successfully conveyed the importance of a healthy sleep routine by explaining the science in a manner that is easy for anyone to understand, while offering suggestions on ways to improve current sleep habits.

Trish Schweigert, BA

Medical Staff Coordinator, Kindred Hospitals of Chicago

Dr. Buddha gives readers exactly what they care about and need to hear—an easy-to-understand and practical outlook not only on how sleep impacts our physical health, but also how it strengthens our passions, mindset, and creativity.

Shubha Vedula (Shuba)

American Idol Semifinalist and Recording Artist

Concise, easy to read, in simple language, starts from the basics and incorporates all facets of sleep. All you ever cared to know about sleep is incorporated in this fascinating book by Dr Buddharaju, a well accomplished sleep specialist. A must read for all.

Kizito Ojiako MD, FWACS, FRCS (Eng), FCCP

Vituity Medical Director, Critical Care Medicine Amita Health Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, Chicago IL Assistant Professor of Medicine Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, Chicago