Tips for Better Sleep

As we all know by now, the most neglected and ignored aspect of our lives is sleep time. When we are busy (that’s the case most of the time) we often encroach our sleep time to accomplish the tasks we love to do.

Science tells us that Adults on average needs at least 7 hours of continuous sleep for to get the best function next day. By repeatedly ignoring  and reducing the required time to sleep affects quality of work we do and we are prone to making errors in decision making , get more irritable , grumpy and in long term can lead to health problems such as Hypertension, Diabetes, stroke ,  Depression  and Weight gain.

Let’s respect and leave our sleep time alone to sleep only by prioritizing whatever we do during the wake hours and start winding down our minds after sunset.

Some of the things that you can do to rest and relax your body and mind prior to bedtime are:

  1. Leave the work load in the office and spend time with family face to face not on face time.
  2. Don’t look too much into the screens (TV, Computers, Smart phones, Tablets etc), I mean reduce screen time. (As you know, our brains release Melatonin after dark to help facilitate sleep so the light exposure doesn’t help)
  3. Avoid stimulant drinks such as coffee and other caffeinated beverages close to bedtime
  4. Eat small portions and early dinner at least few hours prior to bedtime to prevent acid reflux and digestion issues

Take a Lukewarm shower prior to bedtime which helps to cool your body later due to skin heat helps to dilate blood vessels under the skin which helps to cool the body. Little cooler helps sleep better.